# Web page design - what's hot right now?


Since its conception in the 1980s, the Internet has come a long way to become what it is today. From a luxury available to chosen circles, it has become a technology universally, and often freely available to nearly everybody.

Rapid growth of the web in the recent years was accompanied by significant technological advances in the handheld devices field. As our phones and tablets started becoming more and more powerful, we were able to do things faster, and more efficiently – surfing the web included, which turned out to be not so easy.

Before we arrived at the current solution of providing easy web access to handheld devices, that is – responsive design – there have been many other approaches, many of which contributed greatly to performance and design optimisations that we see today also in desktop versions of webpages.


Here, at C2, we’re always trying to implement the latest and hottest solutions available in web development field, to improve our website’s performance and make them more user friendly. Many of these solutions you can observe at the new web projects we engage in. Here are some of the latest web page design examples:

  • The map at Voimapiha created with font face icons, for best viewing experience on retina-ready displays, browsable on all kinds of devices
  • Menu at EPV on mobile devices folding into the so-called hamburger icon
  • The ‘stay where you are’ layout at Hellsten Flooring – keeping its form and good shape throughout all the devices.

– Maciej, Web Developer